Green Ajrakh Bow Tie

Green Ajrakh Bow Tie

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A must have in your wardrobe, this timeless yet fashionable bow tie will lend an artistic touch to your ensemble, making them the perfect add-on for dinners, parties and weddings. 

The bow-tie is pre-tied with a metal clasp and comes with an adjustable strap that can fit 13-18 inch neck circumference.

DESIGN: Ajrakh Handblock
FABRIC: Cotton
DIMENSIONS: Bow Length: 4.5inch,             
                        Bow Height: 2.25inch 
WASH CARE: Dryclean only
Proudly Made in India.

Know your Ajrakh
Ajrakh’s name is derived from 'azarak' meaning 'blue' in Arabic. It finds it origin from the Sindh region in India and was introduced in the Mughal period. It is a block-printed textile that is made using natural dyes namely indigo (blue) and madder (red), though now many colors are used.  An Ajrakh print is identified by its complex geometric and floral patterns. A remarkable feature of Ajrakh print is that on a single fabric, resist printing along with other printing and dyeing techniques are used in combination. The whole process is repeated on both sides of the fabric in perfect cohesion which calls for unsurpassed skill. Ajrakh uses mud-resist in the various stages and another unique feature is that the dyeing and printing is repeated twice on the fabric to ensure brilliance of colour. Superimposing the repeats is done perfectly thus revealing a sense of detail in every motif designed.

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