Brown Dabu Print Handblock Shirt
Brown Dabu Print Handblock Shirt

Brown Dabu Print Handblock Shirt

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A lovely hand blocked shirt made perfect for the Indian summer. Wear it and feel the comfort of this breathable fabric. 

Fabric: Cotton
Color: Brown
Fit: Casual / Regular
Sleeve: Full Sleeve
Collar: Chinese
Pattern: Handblock
Buttons: Wooden 

Know your Handblock

Hand block printing is a 500 year old Indian art form that involves printing using a hand carved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamped by hand onto cotton or silk fabric. The block design is usually based on plants and nature, however newer quirky motif designs have also been used. The fabric to be block printed is first, laid flat on a table and fixed firmly to the table with pins. Four to five basic natural colors are used that are then mixed together to form a multitude of colors. The block is then dipped in the dye and stamped firmly by hand onto the fabric by master craftsmen. Finally, the fabric is rinsed and then dried. Since the block printing is done by hand, small variations in the print can be noticed which only adds to the charm of these handmade fabrics.

Fabric Care: Since handblock prints are made from natural dyes, the color may bleed. Please wash separately.  

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