Beige Ikat Shirt
Beige Ikat Shirt
Beige Ikat Shirt

Beige Ikat Shirt

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This classic & understated Ikat shirt is your go-to shirt for a relaxed and easy going look. 

Fabric: Cotton
Color: White
Fit: Casual / Regular
Sleeve: Full Sleeve
Collar: Regular
Pattern: Ikat
Buttons: Wooden 

Know your Ikat
Ikat fabrics are popular for their rich colors and distinct beautiful designs.
Making an Ikat fabric is a labor intensive process as it involves hand weaving through narrow looms. This style of weaving uses a resist dyeing process that is similar to tie-n-dye.The difference is that in tie-n-dye the dying process is applied on the fabric, whereas in ikat, the dyeing process in done on the yarn itself. It uses the warp or the weft technique to weave a pattern or design. The craftsmen first ties bundles of tie-n-dye warp threads to the loom in a pattern that matches the planned fabric design. Then, he weaves the weft thread through, and the fabric design emerges. When both warp and weft are tie-dyed then it is called double Ikat and it requires great mastery and skill. The yarn bleed or the blurriness of the design is the identifying factor in an original Ikat.

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